Summer Pond
  Church Peggy's Cove
  March at Moore Lake
Fall Marsh
  Pleasant River
  Shore Bush
  Rough Seas
  Evening Skies
  Winter Lake Shore
  September Swamp
  Wood Interior Early May  
  Birch in April  
  Field with Dandelions  
  Early Fall Colour  
  Mill, Wright's Lake  
  Autumn Morning  
  Summer Stream  
  Shoreline Near Herring Cove  
October Saturday  
  Williams Lake Woods
  Fasr water & Early Trees
  Tree on a Rocky Shore
  Swamp Early Morning
  Frozen Lake
  Winter Study
  Otter Lake Stump
  Warm Day in November
  Near Run Lake
  New Growth
  Winter Cove
  Barren Shore
  Morning Kedge River
  Early Fall Landscape
  Ice Pans
  Poplar and Snow Shadows
  View Towards Sambro Island
  September Woods Interior
  Birch and Dam
  Towards the End of the Day
  Frozen Lake
  Wet Day South Blannd St. Halifax
  Fun on the Pond
  Ice in the River
  Spring Lake
  Approaching Winter
  Path Through Winter
  Country Morning
  Back Yard
  April Lake
  March Break-Up
  February Landscape
  Quebec Farm South Shore
  River Flat Lands
  Rocks and Floating Leaves
  Old Caledonia Hardwood Company
  River Ice
  New Brunswick Farm
  Sunday Afternoon
  Village House
  Barn at Carlton Quebec
  Spring Woods
  October Wood Interior
  Old Farm Land and River
  Summer Landscape
  Stream with Melting Ice
  Spring Morning
  September Sky
  New Brunswick Lanscape
  Ice Cakes and Church
  Snow Squall
  Old House Artz St.
  Church at Sunset
  Church Near New Harbour
  Early Spring Day
  Cloudy Day
  Along the Road
  Awaithing Winter
  Beech in Winter
  Old Barn
  Old House
  Sap Catchers
  Winter Work
  Woodland Still Life