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Born in the small community of Melville Cove which is now part of Halifax, Lloy painted seriously for more than 30 years until his untimely death in a car accident while on route to a solo-exhibition in 1986. He enroled in the Nova Scotia College of Art in the late fifties, where he studied drawing and painting under Marion Bond, Ellen Lindsay, and Donald C. Mackay. He also received additional instruction from the noted artist Julius Zararnd.

Primarily a painter of his native environment, Lloy was almost obsessed by his love for the land —it's volatile moods, its power, its majesty— in all of it's seasons. The great majority of Lloy's work was produced in the natural environment. He would travel by snow shoes or skis, cross-country and place his easel in the snow, where the splendor of a scene would banish any thought of the chill and cold. He has a genuine understanding of the Canadian woods. He depicts the woodlands with depth and understanding, sensitive to its changing moods and seasons, its drama and excitement– qualities which can only come from long association with the forest and time spent there in solitude. One European artist said that he found in Lloy's painting the essence of the Canadian scene.

As might be imagined, Arthur Lloy's paintings are as powerful, colorful, moody and uncompromising as nature itself. Using oil as his medium he achieves dramatic, if sometimes stark, effects with the use of bold brush strokes, strident colors lavishly applied and with minimum attention to detail.

Essentially an expressionist, with a boldness that mirrors that of the famous landscape artists– Group of Seven, Van Gogh and the French Impressionists, his paintings show a distinctive interpretation of the elemental forces of earth, water, and sky from which he derives his greatest inspiration and the portrayal of which , to him, constitutes the essence of enduring art.

Since 1959 he has exhibited in Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamiliton, Guelph, Calgary,and Montreal. His work is in permanent collections of the province of Nova Scotia, the Art Bank of Nova Scotia and Acadia and Dalhousie Universities, as well as numerious private collections throughout Canada, the United States, England, Australia, and Spain.


1974- Walter Klinkhoff Gallery, Montreal
1974- One man show, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
1975- Robertson Galleries, Ottawa
1976- One man show, Manuge Galleries, Halifax
1977- Penell Gallery, Toronto
1979- Wallack Galleries, Ottawa
1980- Kasper Gallery, Toronto
1981- Masters Gallery, Calgary
1981- One man show, Manuge Galleries, Halifax
1982- One man show, Linchrist Gallery, Windsor, Ont.
1983- Group Exhibition, Kasper Gallery Toronto
1984- Group Exhibition, J. Arends Gallery, Edmonton
1985- Group Exhibition Kasper Gallery, Toronto (including the works of the Group of Seven, and other major Canadian artists)
1986- Atlantic Galleries, Fredericton

Principle Collections

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
Province of Nova Scotia
Acadia University
Northumberland Holdings
Dover Industries Ltd.
Art Bank of Nova Scotia
Cape Breton Development Corp.
Kitz-Matheson, Halifax
Steinberg Ltd., Montreal
Loewen, Ondaatje, McCutcheon & Company Ltd.
Assomption Mutual Insurance
Central Trust
Atlantic Trust Co. of Canada
J.D. Mack Ltd.
Dalhousie University Art Gallery
and numerous private collections

*Photos taken by Arthur Lloy in the fall of 1964

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